Wise words from Maria Shriver

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The Power of the Pause Maria Shriver‘s Remarks delivered on Friday, May 11, 2012 at University of Southern California’s Annenberg School Commencement Ceremony.

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Library of the Future … or already happening?

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FWIW,  most of these  10 Changes to Expect from the Library of the Future

are ALREADY Standard Operating Procedures in many school libraries:

  1. More technology
  2. Sensory story times
  3. Better outreach to ESOL and ESL adults and children
  4. Automation
  5. Emphasizing community space
  6. More social media savvy
  7. Digital media labs
  8. Electronic outposts
  9. Crowdsourcing
  10. More active librarians


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Twitter for Professional Learning

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from Mark Anderson: “ A collection of my blog posts, CPD materials and screencasts on using Twitter as a place to learn, network and gain CPD from your peers.” How To Use Twitter If You’re A Teacher – MentorMob.

Web 2.0 Tools to Support the Common Core

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Great set of resources from Polly Farrington: lib20 / workshop-commoncore.

Book Repair resources

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From NJ’s own Julie Greller – Repairing damaged books: 15 resources to help you do-it-yourself (plus free how-to video), at http://mediaspecialistsguide.blogspot.com/2012/04/repairing-damaged-books-15-resources-to.html

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BYOD rationales

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Lisa Nielsen explains Why BYOD, Not Banning Cell Phones, Is the Answer

in THE Journal.

Her key strategies for effective student learning with mobile technologies:

  1. Ensure the right building blocks are in place.
  2. Update outdated classroom (and library) management techniques.
  3. Give students time to socialize.
  4. Connect with students in their world.
  5. Use texting to connect more deeply with students.
  6. Engage students.
  7. Empower students with strategies to stay focused.

Read the article for full explanations and suggestions.

Do these sound familiar?

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Ridiculous suggestions from (and sage responses to) folks who obviously do not understand how libraries function:  WILL UNWOUND #754: ‘Fingernail on the Chalk Board”

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