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Library of the Future … or already happening?

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FWIW,  most of these  10 Changes to Expect from the Library of the Future

are ALREADY Standard Operating Procedures in many school libraries:

  1. More technology
  2. Sensory story times
  3. Better outreach to ESOL and ESL adults and children
  4. Automation
  5. Emphasizing community space
  6. More social media savvy
  7. Digital media labs
  8. Electronic outposts
  9. Crowdsourcing
  10. More active librarians


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Act Now for School Libraries

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Powerful reasoning from a public librarian on why school libraries are essential:


How Administrators & Teachers Benefit from Strong School Libraries

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Slideshare Presentation by Keith Curry Lance on Whats In It for Me? How Administrators & Teachers Benefit from Strong School Library Programs.

Also check out this timely article by Donna Shannon in TeacherLibrarian‘s February 2012 Digital Issue:  “Perceptions of School Library Programs and School Librarians: Perspectives of Supportive School Administrators.”

Brad Meltzer on the importance of school librarians

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Brad Meltzer: The Unsung Heroes in our Schools, as published on Huffington Post’s Libraries in Crisis page.

money quote: “When I see what is happening to school library budgets today, I am horrified to think that we live in a country where school librarians – with the power to inspire, as my former teacher inspired me – are considered expendable just for the sake of saving a few bucks.

Let’s not sacrifice our future. As policymakers and school administrators struggle with tough decisions, we as a nation must voice our support and advocate for funding, so that all children have access to 21st century school library programs.

We are a world starving for heroes. If you want to find them, support our school libraries.”

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Read. This. Now.

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Do I Really Have to Leave the Role of School Librarian To Do the Work of a School Librarian? | The Unquiet Librarian.

What she said:

We are librarians.    Own it.  You must believe even when others do not.  For every doubter, hater, or naysayer, there are children and teachers whose lives and classrooms a school librarian has impacted for the good, and there is no longer room for those who do not put community, service, and people first.    Let us not shrink from what that means and what it can mean, but instead, strive to grow the successful models of school librarianship that DO exist and DO make a real difference because they have a librarian whose work, struggles, passion, and collaborative efforts with teachers and students do matter in helping students compose their own narratives of learning.”

Will Richardson on Five New Realities Facing Public Education

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Coming to Terms With Five New Realities, a thought-provoking article in District Administration Magazine, addressing the issues of:

  1. The exploding anytime, anywhere, anyone access to information and teachers/mentors/co-learners via the Web
  2. The drive to privatize education by for-profit companies and the growing emphasis on online learning
  3. The increased focus on standardized tests
  4. the speed with which the Web and other technologies have evolved and are evolving
  5. Today’s students will be faced with a more unstable, shifting job market 

How/where does the school library program fit into those concerns?

ALA Presidential Task Force: Focus on School Libraries

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ALA Presidential Task Force: Focus on School Libraries report by Susan Ballard in School Library Monthly.

 “This task force is charged with “leading a campaign addressing the urgent need for advocacy for school libraries, as well as the impact of the de-professionalization and curtailment of school library instructional programs on students and student achievement” (ALA 2011). ALA determined that the make-up of the Task Force needed to represent all divisions and key committees. In a letter reaching out to these groups to make recommendations for appointment, Raphael observed:

“From cities and towns across the country, we have been hearing increased reports of threats to school library instructional programs. Whether it’s the elimination of school librarians or budget reductions, it’s become impossible to ignore the impact that cuts of this sort could have on future generations…. Because libraries of all types depend on each other to develop and sustain independent learners in an information age, it’s clear that we need an ‘all hands on deck’ approach to this potential crisis. Therefore, I am enlisting members from all types of libraries to get involved” (Molly Raphael, letter to divisions and committees, September 6, 2011).”