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Wise advice on Job Qualifications

06/9/2012 1 comment

I’ve been cleaning out old files, and came across this gem:

Qualifications for the position of Media Specialist/Librarian, by Augie Beasley and Carolyn Palmer, originally published in The Book Report in January 1987.

  • A great sense of humor for the times you’re kidded about ‘dusting shelves,’ ‘stamping books,’ or ‘needing a college degree’ for your job.
  • A magic hat to turn limited library funds into quality programs.
  • The ability to smile and bite your tongue at the same time.
  • A thick skin, able to withstand critical comments from teachers and students.
  • A strong foot for all those times you kick equipment when all else has failed.
  • The willingness to find ways to meet requests rather than finding excuses.
  • A crystal ball to assist you in reading minds while attempting to understand vague reference questions.
  • A forgiving nature toward all those who find fault.
  • The uncanny ability to change the lamp in a projector, answer a reference question, and schedule equipment while talking on the phone.
  • Persistence to sustain yourself while you try to convince teachers to coordinate library skills instruction with classroom assignments.
  • Plenty of patience in waiting for answers from teachers, looking for answers for students, and accepting answers from administrators.
  • The ability to accept well-meaning advice and ignore unfounded criticism — and the common sense to know the difference.
  • A personality that offers a lot of service with a smile.
Interesting how all of those qualifications are still relevant in 2012!
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20 Free Tools for Creating Awesome Presentations

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A List of 20 Free Tools for Teachers to Create Awesome Presentations and Slideshows.

Do these sound familiar?

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Ridiculous suggestions from (and sage responses to) folks who obviously do not understand how libraries function:  WILL UNWOUND #754: ‘Fingernail on the Chalk Board”

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Advocacy Advice from Gary Harzell

05/7/2012 1 comment

The Need to Shift and Widen School Library Advocacy Efforts: an Opinion Piece published in Library media Connection.
Read/download the PDF at or

Project-Based Learning Builds 21st-Century Skills

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How Project-Based Learning Builds 21st-Century Skills   and  Six Affirmations for PBL Teachers

both articles are from Edutopia.   Yet NO mention of School Librarians, although we’ve been doing PBL all along.

Hmmm…what’s wrong with this picture?

Act Now for School Libraries

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Powerful reasoning from a public librarian on why school libraries are essential:


That White House Petition

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Back in January, Carl Harvey created this petition:!/petition/ensure-every-child-america-has-access-effective-school-library-program/tmlbRqfF

It took several months, but the White House finally responded  (albeit in rather vague, non-commital langauge):!/response/supporting-school-libraries-and-critical-role-they-play?utm_source=wethepeople&utm_medium=response&utm_campaign=libraries

And here is Carl’s reaction to that official response:

Obviously, we’ve still got work to do!

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