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BYOD rationales

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Lisa Nielsen explains Why BYOD, Not Banning Cell Phones, Is the Answer

in THE Journal.

Her key strategies for effective student learning with mobile technologies:

  1. Ensure the right building blocks are in place.
  2. Update outdated classroom (and library) management techniques.
  3. Give students time to socialize.
  4. Connect with students in their world.
  5. Use texting to connect more deeply with students.
  6. Engage students.
  7. Empower students with strategies to stay focused.

Read the article for full explanations and suggestions.


Taking it to the next level

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Excellent advice from Dianne McKenzie about points learned from Brian Matthew’s white paper “Think Like a Startup.”

via Library Grits: Taking it to the next level.

The Mobile Native: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Toolbox

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Students Want Social Media in Schools

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Students Want Social Media in Schools | MindShift.

yet so many school administrators insist on keeping those students  “safe” inside the building’s walled garden…

Reality: you never really learn how to drive in a parking lot.

eBooks, Privacy, and the Library

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eBooks, Privacy, and the Library

very important info to consider, from Gary Price at INFOdocket.

What Every (New) Media Specialist Needs to Know

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Questions to transform your learning space

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