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06/16/2012 6 comments

As this inveterate Easterner heads west to start a new life in an ‘active adult’ community in northern Nevada,  I have also decided that it’s time for me to leave school-library-land and explore other interests and adventures.

Farewell, my friends!

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Library of the Future … or already happening?

05/19/2012 Comments off

FWIW,  most of these  10 Changes to Expect from the Library of the Future

are ALREADY Standard Operating Procedures in many school libraries:

  1. More technology
  2. Sensory story times
  3. Better outreach to ESOL and ESL adults and children
  4. Automation
  5. Emphasizing community space
  6. More social media savvy
  7. Digital media labs
  8. Electronic outposts
  9. Crowdsourcing
  10. More active librarians


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Do these sound familiar?

05/11/2012 Comments off

Ridiculous suggestions from (and sage responses to) folks who obviously do not understand how libraries function:  WILL UNWOUND #754: ‘Fingernail on the Chalk Board”

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Wild Things: Drawings, Quotes and Memories from Maurice Sendak

05/10/2012 1 comment

Wonderful quotes and observations from and about  Maurice Sendak.

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RIP Maurice Sendak

05/8/2012 Comments off

Shelf Check has compiled some links to interviews with the beloved and brilliant Maurice Sendak.

And SLJ has comments from others in the world of children’s literature:

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That White House Petition

04/18/2012 Comments off

Back in January, Carl Harvey created this petition:!/petition/ensure-every-child-america-has-access-effective-school-library-program/tmlbRqfF

It took several months, but the White House finally responded  (albeit in rather vague, non-commital langauge):!/response/supporting-school-libraries-and-critical-role-they-play?utm_source=wethepeople&utm_medium=response&utm_campaign=libraries

And here is Carl’s reaction to that official response:

Obviously, we’ve still got work to do!

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Brad Meltzer on the importance of school librarians

04/10/2012 Comments off

Brad Meltzer: The Unsung Heroes in our Schools, as published on Huffington Post’s Libraries in Crisis page.

money quote: “When I see what is happening to school library budgets today, I am horrified to think that we live in a country where school librarians – with the power to inspire, as my former teacher inspired me – are considered expendable just for the sake of saving a few bucks.

Let’s not sacrifice our future. As policymakers and school administrators struggle with tough decisions, we as a nation must voice our support and advocate for funding, so that all children have access to 21st century school library programs.

We are a world starving for heroes. If you want to find them, support our school libraries.”

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