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curators ǝpoɔ

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Useful guidelines for attribution, including a handy-dandy bookmarklet with unicode symbols to use for different levels of citation: curators ǝpoɔ.


Howard Rheingold on web literacies as essential survival skills

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Howard Rheingold on how the five web literacies are becoming essential survival skills:

  1. attention,
  2. participation,
  3. collaboration,
  4.  “crap detection,” and
  5. network smarts.

“As we’ve become more sophisticated in the ways we use the web, we need to adjust how we use it, being able to tell fact from rumor and able to call on the skills and resources of a community to help answer our questions.”


from Nieman Journalism Lab.

Web 2.0 Tools to Support the Common Core

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Great set of resources from Polly Farrington: lib20 / workshop-commoncore.

What can we learn from Caines Arcade?

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What can we learn from Caines Arcade?
Jo-Anne Tracy poses some insightful responses to what this 9 yo boy accomplished:  and the implications for ‘standardized’ education policies and practices.

Can we say “project-based learning” in its purest form?

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Info Curation and Aggregation Services, Tools & Apps

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“As educators and parents we need to become effective information curators and sharers, modeling these behaviors as we connect them with critical thinking for our children and students. Here are a few of the information curation and aggregation services I’ve heard about and/or use now:”
Info Curation and Aggregation Services, Tools & Apps from Wes Fryer at Moving at the Speed of Creativity

The Lost Secret to Preventing Plagiarism

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Ralph Kennedy presents an interesting preventive scenario in Rinse Then Repeat: The Lost Secret to Preventing Plagiarism on Online Blogucation.

Although he is addressing higher ed, his premise should work equally well with  middle/high school students.

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What Do Kids Know About Online Privacy?

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