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School Library or Learning Commons

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Donna Alden explores the different semantic and conceptual implications of calling the facility a School Library or Learning Commons: What’s in a Name? | Connect!.

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Library Design Showcase 2012: Super Schools

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Library Design Showcase 2012: Super Schools  via  American Libraries Magazine.

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The Library as a Digital Learning Space

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The Library as a Digital Learning Space:  the 3rd segment of a “series of articles focused on the changing role of the K-12 library … and what’s being done to reposition the facility to keep it relevant and fresh in the digital age”
in THE Journal.

The Library as a Digital Learning Space

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Library Mashups: Exploring New Ways to Deliver Library Data

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FREE ebook for Kindle readers: Library Mashups: Exploring New Ways to Deliver Library Data eBook: Nicole C. Engard, Jenny Levine: Kindle Store.

Booklist review:

“Editor Engard assembles 21 articles from 25 international contributors to focus on mashups within the library environment. Readers with little knowledge of mashups will find chapters such as “What Is a Mashup?” and “Behind the Scenes: Some Technical Details on Mashups” especially helpful. Other portions of this book cover topics such as mashups in library Web sites, mashups of catalog data, and mashups and media (e.g., photos). Technical details should not overwhelm non-techies. Plenty of screenshots aid in comprehension, although a few seem too small to read easily. One strength of this title is the emphasis on experiences in actual libraries, for example, mashup integration at the Manchester City (NH) Library. One weakness is that little attention is given to mashup accessibility for people with disabilities. A timely and useful resource for those keen on this fairly new technology. –Stephen Fadel”

The Classroom Is Obsolete: It’s Time for Something New

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Education Week: The Classroom Is Obsolete: It’s Time for Something New.

The following is a fairly universal list of education design principles for tomorrow’s schools, though it would be tailored to the needs of particular communities: (1) personalized; (2) safe and secure; (3) inquiry-based; (4) student-directed; (5) collaborative; (6) interdisciplinary; (7) rigorous and hands-on; (8) embodying a culture of excellence and high expectations; (9) environmentally conscious; (10) offering strong connections to the local community and business; (11) globally networked; and (12) setting the stage for lifelong learning.
In designing a school for tomorrow, such underlying principles should drive the discussion. They would allow us to address questions around how students should learn, where they should learn, and with whom should they learn.”

hmmm — sounds like a library to me!

How Old is Your Globe?

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Replogle Globes – How Old is Your Globe? History, Geography and International Politics.

use this chart to figure out whether it’s time to replace that artifact!

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