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Howard Rheingold on web literacies as essential survival skills

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Howard Rheingold on how the five web literacies are becoming essential survival skills:

  1. attention,
  2. participation,
  3. collaboration,
  4.  “crap detection,” and
  5. network smarts.

“As we’ve become more sophisticated in the ways we use the web, we need to adjust how we use it, being able to tell fact from rumor and able to call on the skills and resources of a community to help answer our questions.”


from Nieman Journalism Lab.


Project-Based Learning Builds 21st-Century Skills

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How Project-Based Learning Builds 21st-Century Skills   and  Six Affirmations for PBL Teachers

both articles are from Edutopia.   Yet NO mention of School Librarians, although we’ve been doing PBL all along.

Hmmm…what’s wrong with this picture?

Digital Citizenship and School Libraries

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FREE Teaching Resources for Black History Month

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Challenge-Based Learning

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7 Things You Should Know About Challenge-Based Learning

Challenge-based learning (CBL) is similar to problem-based learning, but with CBL, students formulate the challenges they will address. Through a process of discussion and research, students identify a selection of questions that might be workable for their project, work on solutions, and publish those solutions online. In this way, CBL provides the satisfaction that comes from figuring out both the issue to be tackled and the solution to it, even though CBL requires a heavier time commitment than more traditional academic activities. Students gain meaningful skills through these projects, including how to share work, collaborate, organize, and express themselves more effectively.”


it still sounds like INQUIRY to me!

Digital Literacy & Citizenship Curriculum for Grades K-5

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Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum for Grades K-5

from Common Sense Media.

This FREE, pioneering curriculum is designed to empower students to think critically and make informed choices about how they create, communicate, and treat others in our ever-evolving, 24/7 digital world. Browse the units to find the topics and lessons that are just right for your students.”

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Are you the education technology curator for your organisation?

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