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Notable Children’s Books Nominees – Summer 2012 #ala12 | ALSC Blog

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Notable Children’s Books Nominees – Summer 2012

from the ALSC Blog.

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Book Repair resources

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From NJ’s own Julie Greller – Repairing damaged books: 15 resources to help you do-it-yourself (plus free how-to video), at

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Dewey Free Library

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“Resources for ditching Dewey and making your library more user friendly.” curated by Tamara Cox at Dewey Free Library

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We Are All Curators

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We Are All Curators

“The new information economy is not based on amassing huge amounts of data but curating and providing context to important, true, interesting, and/or relevant information. A link deserves to be attributed if shared. No brainer right? This is usually accomplished by linking to the original post or page. Equally important, however, is the source of the material – who or whatever lead to it – similarly deserves credit.

I have been ruminating on this idea of late after reading the Curator’s Code by Maria Popova. You can visit the original Curator’s Code site here and for more mind fodder you can watchreadread and, for the contrary view, read – links via @brainpicker and Google. Basically, the Code advocates using “via” and “HT” (Hat Tip) with your links to attribute your source if other than the original creator, either a from direct link or a stream-of-finding respectively.”

via Hack Library School.

Children’s Classics as Minimalist Posters

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A Guide to Publishers in the Library Ebook Market

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Weeding Tips: The Basics

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