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Wise advice on Job Qualifications


I’ve been cleaning out old files, and came across this gem:

Qualifications for the position of Media Specialist/Librarian, by Augie Beasley and Carolyn Palmer, originally published in The Book Report in January 1987.

  • A great sense of humor for the times you’re kidded about ‘dusting shelves,’ ‘stamping books,’ or ‘needing a college degree’ for your job.
  • A magic hat to turn limited library funds into quality programs.
  • The ability to smile and bite your tongue at the same time.
  • A thick skin, able to withstand critical comments from teachers and students.
  • A strong foot for all those times you kick equipment when all else has failed.
  • The willingness to find ways to meet requests rather than finding excuses.
  • A crystal ball to assist you in reading minds while attempting to understand vague reference questions.
  • A forgiving nature toward all those who find fault.
  • The uncanny ability to change the lamp in a projector, answer a reference question, and schedule equipment while talking on the phone.
  • Persistence to sustain yourself while you try to convince teachers to coordinate library skills instruction with classroom assignments.
  • Plenty of patience in waiting for answers from teachers, looking for answers for students, and accepting answers from administrators.
  • The ability to accept well-meaning advice and ignore unfounded criticism — and the common sense to know the difference.
  • A personality that offers a lot of service with a smile.
Interesting how all of those qualifications are still relevant in 2012!
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  1. 06/9/2012 at 5:37 am

    Some things never change. Relationship and caring is at the core of school librarianship. The rest are the tools to get the job done.

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