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Challenge-Based Learning


7 Things You Should Know About Challenge-Based Learning

Challenge-based learning (CBL) is similar to problem-based learning, but with CBL, students formulate the challenges they will address. Through a process of discussion and research, students identify a selection of questions that might be workable for their project, work on solutions, and publish those solutions online. In this way, CBL provides the satisfaction that comes from figuring out both the issue to be tackled and the solution to it, even though CBL requires a heavier time commitment than more traditional academic activities. Students gain meaningful skills through these projects, including how to share work, collaborate, organize, and express themselves more effectively.”


it still sounds like INQUIRY to me!

  1. 01/29/2012 at 11:46 pm

    I’ve moved from resource-based instruction to problem-based, to project-based, to inquiry-based. Now thre is this as well as design learning — and ultimately it’s all about how you get kids to THINK and solve real issues rather than having them respond to textbook-based, teacher-driven questions. Unfortunately, too many teachers (and librarians) still think a paper research product meant to be ready only by the instructor is a valid assessment of student learning.

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