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Reflections on library management from KGS


Although written from a university director’s POV, Karen’s comments are equally relevant to school librarians — especially these  (my revisions in brackets):

  • “Building and maintaining relationships is my core library service. I think of it as a bus. I am always asking, who’s on board? Who needs to get on board? Who’s moving toward the door?
  • It is easier to problem-solve around enduring traits than to try to change people. If faculty don’t read email, then [figure out another way to keep them informed.]
  • I swear on the Gutenberg Bible, if I ever again work in a library large enough to have [any clerical help of any kind], I’m going to treat that person like gold.
  • There’s a world of difference between “no” and “not now.”
  • The question is always what do OUR users need and want. That’s important to keep in mind when assessing the latest trends–not just for adopting new services, but for deciding when to retire, sustain, grow, downsize or even resurrect a service.
  • It feels even better to thank someone, and to praise them, than it does to receive thanks and praise.”

Read the whole article Free Range Librarian › Two Years at Cupcake U: Reflections.  It is worth pondering!

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