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Librarians Are Ready, Are You?


The Adventures of Library Girl: Librarians Are Ready, Are You?.

What. She. Said:

 it all boils down to this: I was once a classroom teacher who thought school librarians were irrelevant – until someone proved me wrong.  No flyer, regardless of how fabulous it is, will change the minds of those who see us as outdated and ineffective…

As much as this graphic is a love letter to new teachers and principals (and anyone one else who might see it), it’s also a reminder to those of us who live in libraryland already:  Just about all of us will encounter someone this year who believes, for whatever reason, that school librarians are irrelevent.  Are you and your practice ready to prove them wrong?”

and see also:  http://yourteacherlibrarian.wikispaces.com/Are+You+Ready%3F

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