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In Search of Future-Focused Learning Technologies


In Search of Future-Focused Learning Technologies (EDUCAUSE Review) | EDUCAUSE.

“Whether consciously or unconsciously, we project images of the future for our students every time we teach or every time we create curriculum. I believe that transforming the Frederick Taylor “factory school” model to one that aligns with our networked “flat world” is the most urgent calling for those educators steeped in educational technology and instructional design.

There is a rhythm to the tasks that we ask of our students, with deadlines clustered around the end of the term or year—but no further into the future. When we repeatedly break topics down into component parts and discipline-specific problem sets, when we prefer teaching events to grappling with future trends, we tacitly take responsibility for the time perspective that our students graduate with and for the habits of mind with which they are armed, ready to face the world. We need to improve their chances for success. Let us commit to building a future-focused and scaffolded learning environment so that our students have a perspective greater than our own.”

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