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12 Ways Libraries Are Good for the Country


12 Ways Libraries Are Good for the Country

American Libraries magazine offers this gift of 12 ideals toward which librarians strive as they provide comprehensive access to the record of human existence. It will take all of us, in a spirit of pride and freedom, to maintain libraries as a living reality in a free nation through the 21st century…”

1. Libraries sustain democracy.
2. Libraries break down boundaries.
3. Libraries level the playing field.
4. Libraries value the individual.
5. Libraries nourish creativity.
6. Libraries open young minds.
7. Libraries return high dividends.
8. Libraries build communities.
9. Libraries support families.
10. Libraries build technology skills.
11. Libraries offer sanctuary.
12. Libraries preserve the past.

Read the full article for details… then think about ways to use this list of ideals to demonstrate the value of your school library program.

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