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20 Free Tools for Creating Awesome Presentations

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Twitter for Professional Learning

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from Mark Anderson: “ A collection of my blog posts, CPD materials and screencasts on using Twitter as a place to learn, network and gain CPD from your peers.” How To Use Twitter If You’re A Teacher – MentorMob.

Web 2.0 Tools to Support the Common Core

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Great set of resources from Polly Farrington: lib20 / workshop-commoncore.

BYOD rationales

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Lisa Nielsen explains Why BYOD, Not Banning Cell Phones, Is the Answer

in THE Journal.

Her key strategies for effective student learning with mobile technologies:

  1. Ensure the right building blocks are in place.
  2. Update outdated classroom (and library) management techniques.
  3. Give students time to socialize.
  4. Connect with students in their world.
  5. Use texting to connect more deeply with students.
  6. Engage students.
  7. Empower students with strategies to stay focused.

Read the article for full explanations and suggestions.

BYOD Policy vs. BYOD Learning Environment

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“There is a big difference between having a BYOD policy and a BYOD learning environment. The former lays the foundation for a BYOD learning environment but it by no means guarantees it.” – Ryan Bretag.

Lots of excellent resources collected here!

BYOD Policy vs. BYOD Learning Environment.

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11 Free Tools for Creating Simple Websites

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if you don’t have the time or desire to build webpages from scratch  there are plenty of free online tools that will do the heavy lifting for you so that you can concentrate on just adding useful content to your course webpages. Here are eleven free services for creating websites and simple webpages.”

from Richard Byrne at Free Technology for Teachers: 11 Free Tools for Creating Websites and Simple Webpages.

Info Curation and Aggregation Services, Tools & Apps

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“As educators and parents we need to become effective information curators and sharers, modeling these behaviors as we connect them with critical thinking for our children and students. Here are a few of the information curation and aggregation services I’ve heard about and/or use now:”
Info Curation and Aggregation Services, Tools & Apps from Wes Fryer at Moving at the Speed of Creativity

What does ‘safe’ look like in a digital age?

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What does ‘safe’ look like in a digital age?

Anne Collier explores the issues of:

  • what safety in not
  • from coping to confidence + compliance
  • space to learn how best to be safe
  • properties of online AND offline safety

all important topics for school librarians teaching digital citizenship.

Will Richardson on Five New Realities Facing Public Education

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Coming to Terms With Five New Realities, a thought-provoking article in District Administration Magazine, addressing the issues of:

  1. The exploding anytime, anywhere, anyone access to information and teachers/mentors/co-learners via the Web
  2. The drive to privatize education by for-profit companies and the growing emphasis on online learning
  3. The increased focus on standardized tests
  4. the speed with which the Web and other technologies have evolved and are evolving
  5. Today’s students will be faced with a more unstable, shifting job market 

How/where does the school library program fit into those concerns?

What Do Kids Know About Online Privacy?

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